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Sheroe, how confident are you?

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Head up and confidence-on-fleek Sheroe - always. (I've got your back, wink)

She Coaches Greatness® is led and founded by Nelly Elessa, certified Personal Development Coach whose mission is to help Women and Boss Ladies (aka Sheroes!) get unstuck and thrive in self-confidence to create a life and career they love.


She Coaches Greatness is a growing empowerment platform that is building a community of Sheroes (and Heroes are following too!) through confidence and empowerment coaching, the She Coaches Greatness Blog and Content which talks and cultivates the greatness of its audience by addressing the hard subjects and challenging mindsets with authenticity, courage, love and femininity.


She Coaches Greatness is here to empower you to be your ultimate best, equipping and inspiring you to build confidence to create the life that you love, at home and at work. Don't be a stranger, connect with us on social media for daily inspiration.

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Sheroe! My mission is to empower you to S-L-A-Y with all that you are and all that you have. I offer three affordable personal development coaching packages that will nurture your spirit, help you overcome personal challenges, and allow you to achieve your individual life goals, all in the pursuit to cater to your personal needs in order to unlock your full potentialLet's-go-get-this-Greatness!

Start your journey today, the best you awaits.

60 minutes coaching session

Need empowerment?

This one-off 60 mins coaching session is perfect if you seek clarity to work through a specific challenge, decision or simply just want to be listened to. Be empowered and achieve clarity of direction in just 60 minutes.

3 x 60 minutes coaching sessions

Need a follow through?

This is a favourite! This short 3-part coaching series is a power-up and accountability service designed to dig deeper and help you set goals and follow through actions. I'll hold you accountable as you soar. You've got this!

6 x 60 minutes coaching sessions

Need a strategic plan?

Now we're getting serious! This 6-part coaching series will not only empower you, dig deeper and hold you accountable, but is designed to help facilitate your transformation for the long haul. I'll support you to devise a strategy and clear action plan to achieve more of your personal goals.

Katia, Birmingham

I have received a full package of support, coaching and mentoring experience, set clear goals at the start and evaluated at the end of the coaching series. I feel like I was in control and you just guided me through helping to find my own answers, which is very empowering and it was one of the things that helped me to start to believe in myself again.

Helen, Corbay

If I’m feeling down or discouraged with no clear sense of direction by the end of the coaching session I am uplifted, enthusiastic, re-energized and focused. Nelly reminds me of all my strengths, achievements and how far I have come. I feel a deep sense of pride and a new found zest for life for reaching my goals. Highly recommended.

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She Coaches Greatness™ is a registered company based in Greater London in the United Kingdom, all services are provided virtually.


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