The She Coaches Greatness Journal Worksheet and Daily Planner is filled with inspiration, and reflective Self-Coaching prompts to help you progress on your self-love journey and guide you during your self-discovery process to gain clarity on the core of who you are and become grounded in your individual greatness.


*Progress on your self-love journey and increase greater confidence with over 60 self-love prompts and greatness affirmations.

*Get a flavour of the She Coaches Greatness coaching experience with tailored coaching prompts and encouragement in each page to guide you in your self-discovery.

*Gain deeper clarity on the core of who you are, your strengths and your purpose.

*Identify your limiting beliefs, areas of development and what holds you back (to overcome them!)


*Reflect, journal on the truth of who you are and plan your amazing future with guided questions on each page to move you forward (you can add your text digitally or print; up to you!)

*Organise your day and execute your goals with focus and inspiration. I'll slay with you! 

*Be inspired to succeed and fulfil your purpose, one day at a time.

*Connect deeply to the core of who you are and essence of your greatness.


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