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Confidence doesn't grow on trees. It grows from the roots! Authentic and deep-rooted confidence takes intentional inner work, personal experience and self-mastery. A confident Woman moves differently, her energy oozes self-love and her mindset drives her daily habits that lead to a life of elevation.

Out of 10, How Confident Are You Sheroe? I'm talking about deep inner unwavering confidence that oozes from a mile away, the confidence in the way you walk, talk and breathe! Not fake arrogance. Ingrained quiet confidence.

So I'm a Self-Love Coach and confidence is my sweet spot. I have gone through the journey and have been (and continue to be) a ninja when it comes to the inner-work! So I speak not only as a Certified Coach, but as a fellow Sheroe who shares what she knows to be true.

In my last post, I wrote about 6 Principles to Uphold High Standards & Maintain Healthy Boundaries'. Yes, being a Woman of Greatness requires standards, and being a Woman of Standards requires deep-rooted confidence, and being a Woman of deep-rooted confidence requires self-love. It's all interlinked and there are no shortcuts. It's a process of becoming and evolving that takes patience and courageous inner work. It's only through this that we can be, do, and attract only the best for our lives.

It grieves me so much to see Sheroes settle for less and walk in less than they deserve! All because they have not understood the principles of self-love nor done the inner work required to be full of self-love, which leads to unwavering confidence, which leads to standards and ultimately personal greatness. It's like numbers, you can't cheat them!

My Goodness! I could teach this all-day.

The price is too high Sheroe, and for me to keep writing, coaching and teaching about the message of self-love, I first want to address key fundamentals that will change the game in your life once you implement these.

So my question to you is, are you ready to S-L-A-Y in the fullness of who you are and really work on your confidence?

I hope so, because you are worth-it-all. But it's not a given, you have to work-for-it and show up for yourself.

Today, we'll delve into 10 habits of a Confident Woman. It will empower you to become the confident woman you know you can be, and challenge you to examine yourself and the areas you need to work on to be a more confident you.

Before we dwelve into the post, make sure to grab your FREE Greatness Journal Worksheet + Daily Planner! It will bless your life and come very handy as you meditate on the gems shared in this post. Show up for yourself Sheroe and do-the-work.

Okay, let's get into it - short and snappy. 10 habits of a Confident Woman which you can apply everyday to live the amazing life you deserve!

1. She is grounded.

She knows who she is. She stands on her identity, she is focused on her purpose, she is obedient to her calling and she deeply honours herself.

She is grounded in her identity.
She is grounded in her values.
She is grounded in her self-love
She is grounded in her faith.
She is grounded in her convictions.
She is grounded in developing her character.
She is grounded in her purpose.
She is grounded in her body.
She is centered in her grounding.

What grounds you Sheroe? And are you walking in this grounding?

Ask yourself with full authenticity, how grounded you are and where you are not. No judgment or shame, just work on it. My post 3 Timeless Principles That Lead to Greatness can also help you greatly to navigate this point alongside your Greatness Journal.

2. She has clear parameters.

Did I mention high standards and boundaries yet? 😉

There is a clear line on the sand, fuelled by a deep sense of self-worth and self-respect. She will check you, and she will walk away; even if it hurts. It takes self-love and confidence to do that.

Are you walking in the 6 Principles to Uphold High Standards & Maintain Healthy Boundaries Sheroe?

It's a yes or no question. If yes, what is grounding you in having clear parameters? Write these down in your journal and remind yourself of this strength. If not, what beliefs are driving this behaviour in you? What is holding you back?

If you're struggling, it's okay and it may be a sign for you to invest in some coaching to overcome this. Grab yourself a Greatness Coaching Experience, it's part of the work.

3. She Keeps Her Word.

"Let your Yes be 'Yes' and your No be 'No'." - The Good Book (Matthew 5:37)

I've learned this life lesson a few years ago at a time when I was struggling with people pleasing and trying to help everybody. Through my own inner work of developing my character and going through the process in my self-love journey, I became diligent in being very selective and keeping my word. Not only has it simplified my life but it has built my integrity and trust with others, and most importantly with myself. It took years to develop and this habit usually shows up in the little things! Like what, you may ask?

Eg; She is on time; 9am is 9am not 9:15am. Do you know that some people still do not understand this? If someone is late for more than 10 mins without any warning to reschedule or advise me in advance of delays, it's a wrap and the meeting is cancelled until further notice (if at all!). Time keeping is integrity.

In a nutshell; what she says she is going to do - she does. What she decides not to do, she doesn't do nor lets herself get manipulated or guilted into doing it. Yes is yes and No is no.

This is not an easy one, and it took me years to master this. It is a powerful habit to harness and one I encourage you to meditate on. Look at your life, where are you with this habit? Have you been keeping your word? Think about what you can you do differently today to walk in this habit.

4. She does the Inner Work

Isn't this the whole point of this post and She Coaches Greatness? Ab-so-lutely.

Let me break it down further:

She self-audits.
She examines herself. 
She educates herself.
She holds herself accountable.
She heals.
She invests in herself.
She self-masters.
She reads.
She forgives.
She learns.
She upskills.
She has the difficult conversations.
She faces herself.
She commits to her growth.
She takes care of her body.
She evolves.
She levels-up.

Are you doing all of this Sheroe? If not, I trust that you know what you need to do next.

5. She gets past her Past.

"Dear past, thank you for all the lessons. Dear Present, thank you for being a gift. Dear future, I am ready." - [conversation with self]

We all have a past. It may look very different but we all have one. Whether filled with mistakes, struggles, glory, pain or even traumas; it has been my experience that it is important to address what has happened in a manner that healthily suits each individual, learn from it and leave it in the past. Yesterday is gone, today is a gift and tomorrow isn't always guaranteed. So one habit of confidence is to get past the past, practice self-forgiveness for any personal shortcomings, become better from it and leave it there - in the past. Thank you, next.

Are you past your past Sheroe? If not, there are professional services available to help with this. Please take time to do some research, and when you're ready for coaching (all about moving you forward, not the past), you know where to find me.

6. She Honours and Uplifts.

Everything about a Woman of Confidence speaks life. Even when she checks herself and others on anti-greatness behaviour! She calls out greatness and love in her words and her deeds.

She understands honour of elders, the opposite sex and others because she first gives it to herself internally.
If she is spiritual (like me), She honours God.
She affirms.
She oozes positivity.
She shuts down toxicity and negativity immediately.
She uplifts others in the beauty of her authenticity.

How are you walking in honour and uplifting others in your own life Sheroe? Are you a source of light through your words and actions?

7. She has Balance.

She understands that every aspect of life needs equilibrium. It can't be ALL work, ALL business, ALL serious, ALL this or that without rest, fun, family and friends, and laughter etc... There needs to be balance, to replenish, refuel, and be spiritually, physically, emotionally nourished to be the best we can be everyday. How can we be confident and completely burned out at the same time?

Are you walking in balance? How does this look like in your life right now? And how do you want it to be?

8. She Expresses Herself!

Ooouuuu-wiiiii! This is a fun one. One that brings so much joy and healing; self-expression.

How do you express yourself, your voice, your being outside (or through) your work or business?

I personally express myself through dance, writing (my business and blog are my expression) and aesthetic decor! In another life, I may have been an interior designer for the love I have for creating beautiful homes! Anyway, my creative juices make me happy and flow through what I do as they are in line with my essence and giftings.

What makes you happy Sheroe? What takes the edge off for you as you let yourself go in that self-expression? Go-do-that and let me know how that makes you feel 😉.

9. She Seeks Wisdom and Understanding (daily)

In this day and age, knowledge is not enough to make it. We also need wisdom and the understanding of how to apply that knowledge. A confident woman knows this and makes this a habit. It could be through learning from books, seminars, and/or different learning avenues. But what a confident Woman seeks to understands is the nuances of that knowledge and the soft skills and intangibles to apply what she learns, wisely.

What does Wisdom mean to you? How do you seek it and apply it to your own life?

10. She Prepares.

A Confident Woman gets ready. Opportunity doesn't take her by surprise. She diligently does the work during obscurity so when opportunity knocks; she s-l-a-y-s like there's no tomorrow. She is prepared, and therefore opportunity favours her.

Are you ready for what you want Sheroe? When the opportunity of your desires come knocking at your door, I hope you are positioned to get all that's for you!

That's it. Let me know what confidence habits resonated with you the most (including what actions you will take from this blog post).

Connect with me on Social Media! Let me know how you get on in your self-love and greatness journey! You'll find She Coaches Greatness on Instagram Twitter Facebook and Pinterest.

Practices in this blog are suggestions only based on my experience. Please carry out your own research and seek professional advice if you need to. Remember, you've got this and you are great 🤍

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