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Where Do You Stand? That is the question. Greatness cannot stand on the sidelines and/or remain silent. Our stand either makes us part of the problem or part of the solution; will you choose the latter?

Before I start, how are you doing emotionally, physically and spiritually?

These past few days, I was not okay. I couldn't get the brutal and inhuman killing of Mr. George Floyd out of my mind and the other George Floyds, Ahmaud Arberys, Sandra Blands,  Philando Castiles, Stephen Lawrences of the world who have had their Black Lives stolen by barbaric injustice and racial hate, not just in the US but around the world.

What we have witnessed these past few days and weeks with these barbaric police brutalities and injustices against Black Lives, is the epitome of human mediocrity and another level of hateful racism; which in my opinion is and has been the biggest and most dangerous epidemic of our time. Where there is hate, there cannot be greatness.

It's a hard subject, that has continued to break hearts and shatter lives. It must be talked about, addressed and eradicated. We simply cannot continue to live like this, this cannot continue.

The penny has dropped for all of us where change is the only option and silence is not an option. Last week wasn't just a Black Out Tuesday reset, it was a total Black Out Revolution to face the realities of systematic racism, take a radical collective stand against racial injustice/hate and police brutality against Black Lives, whilst taking a good look at ourselves to examine our own hearts. 

So my question is; where do you stand?

Greatness cannot stand on the sidelines, that would be cowardice and choosing to be complicit. We are either part of the problem or part of the solution; I firmly choose the latter.

"I'm not racist isn't good enough, we have to be anti-racist".

Change starts with each and everyone of us. Now is the time to step into the fullness of our greatness and be the change, so we can all breathe. Just like George, Ahmaud, Stephen, Sandra and the unnamed stolen Black Lives deserved to; just like you and I deserve to.

Black Lives Matter, and She Coaches Greatness firmly stands by this movement. What about you?

This past Saturday, She Coaches Greatness, alongside thousands of people from various ethnic communities safely and peacefully marched in London for Black Lives Matter,George Floyd and all the Black Lives stolen by racism and police brutality to actively stand against racial injustice and bring much needed change.

This is not a one-off event or a #hashtag trend, it is an active life-long combat for permanent change until we see reform and Black Lives treated with the dignity, humanity and equality they deserve; like all lives should.

Protesting isn't just in a form of a march, it is taking intentional action to bring reform. As individuals with families, some of us with children, and/or leaders of people, what legacy of greatness are we leaving those behind us? We are at a cross road to lead the change. The most recent traumatic events demands us to pause and boldly assess, stand, be a voice, converse, educate and most importantly; act to see change that is ever-lasting.

Here are 4 tips to BE the change:

1. Self-examination

I challenge you to self-examine and be truthful with yourself by asking yourself some racial related questions; examining your own heart and challenging your biases and overall consciousness (be brave and don't turn the blind eye here).

Ask yourself: Where do I personally stand when it comes racial injustice? What has been my contribution to date and what can I do differently?

2. Self-education

Educate yourself about what is really going on and what has happened, the history of Black Lives and great Black Leaders to bring forth equality and equity whilst also raising your awareness of the current system and how this nation was built (it is not pretty). However, facing the music and raising individual awareness of the racial issues surrounding us and actively seeking out resources to educate ourselves on where and how we can bring change is an important starting point to proceed out of knowledge, and not out of ignorance.

Action: Check out the self-educating resources (including links) I'm sharing in the blog.

3. Advocacy

Choose to be an advocate for positive change, by having the courage to have these difficult conversations and actively address and speak up against racial injustice in your private and professional life. You play a part and what you actively do in your own life (how you treat people) and the actions you take is the change. This models leadership and accountability.

4. Support and donate

Actively support and donate to Anti-Racism Charities and Activist Organisations that actively tackle systematic racism in your own countries and/or abroad. In the UK, She Coaches Greatness actively supports Black Lives Matter UK i-news published a helpful list of local charities this past weekend (in the UK and the USA) you can donate to, to support this movement and bring systematic change. Check where you can further support here.  

To complement the above tips, I'm sharing useful self-directing resources (point 2; self -education) to help be the change and bring the change 🤍. These are external links that will take you directly to the resources.


For the black community & allies

Self-care tips for black people who are struggling with this very painful week
What to do if you can’t protest on the streets for black lives matter

On how to be an ally
How to use white privilege to help – Save the tears: a white woman's guide
75 things white people can do for racial justice
Further reading resources - 10 books about race

On white privilege
Reni Eddo Lodge - Why I'm not longer talking to white people about race
Kyle Korver (NBA player) reflects on white privilege

About Intersectionality
Kimberle Crenshaw - Intersectionality

A racially just workplace
Maintaining professionalism in the age of black death is…. a lot - Danielle Cadet
Your black colleagues may look like they’re okay — chances are they’re not

Wider reading about Race and Ethnicity in the UK
EHRC - Race report - healing divided Britain
EHRC - Race and ethnicity reading list
Trade Union Congress (TUC) & BITC Review of racism at work
Race in the workplace: The McGregor-Smith review
Race disparity audit
ACAS article - race discrimination

Educating children and Young People
No reader is too young to start reading anti-racist books
Black British History: Black Influencers on British Culture (1948-2016)

White fragility
How to be an antiracist
Seeing white podcast

Series of TED talks: helping you understand racism
Trevor Noah - a reflection on current events
Everyday racism - what should we do?
Growing up black - a conversation
Deconstructing racism one headline at a time

That's it. Let me know how you get on with the reading and what tips resonated with you the most (including what actions you will take from this).

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Stay encouraged, and may you walk in humanity, courage and knowledge.

To the everlasting greatness of George Floyd and to the awakening of our own. x

Practices in this blog are suggestions only based on my experience. Please carry out your own research and seek professional advice if you need to. Remember, you've got this and you are great 🤍

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