A winning mindset is a thought process that continually elevates, empowers and inspires one to become and achieve more, to bring out the greatness within.

It starts with you and your mindset about you. This is the She Coaches Greatness mantra, and the core of our greatness message. Our mind is the foundation of all things, that shapes and determines our beliefs, our decisions, our actions and eventually our destination. It is the heart of the greatness journey that tells us who we are, what we do and where we go. Catered and nurtured with positivity and rightful abundance; our mind is our biggest ally and most precious asset to become the best version of ourselves with no limit to what we can achieve.

Neglected or fed with negativity and impoverishment; this same asset can become an unforgiving enemy that metamorphoses into a skilled assassin of dreams, a ruthless lawyer presenting cases of failure to the jury of our lives, leaving us to serve painful sentences behind the prisons of low self-esteem, limiting beliefs and untapped potential - all the way to the grave.

This is serious, and I don't know about you but I want my mind to be my biggest ally, best friend, cheerleader and trusted resource to access prosperity, abundance, wealth and success in all areas. That option only. Don't you?

We have enough to deal with and fight on the outside, let us not be our own enemies within too.

Truth is, acquiring such a mindset is intentional and takes hard work and discipline which is why so many people don't win. However, the fact that you are reading this blog tells me that you already have the desire to win! I'm so glad you're here, because by reading and applying the tips I'm about to share with you, that winner will be you!

So, to continue from my latest blog series How to SLAY in the face of Isolation Part 1 & Part 2, let's get into it; 3 tips to develop a winning mindset, that I hope inspire you to bring out your greatness, as you become more of who you are.

1. Believe that you can.

Whether you think you can or you can't - you're right (Henry Ford). And let me tell you that can't is a con artist.

I recently wrote about this in one of my recent daily Instagram posts. This con 'çan't' is a limiting belief that has fooled so many people into forfeiting their goals, dreams and destinies... to the point that they never really met themselves, living empty and dying full. As a Coach, this saddens me. My job is to help people banish this way of thinking, starting with you.

Have you ever heard about how farmers train elephants? It is a well known story worth referring to for the sake of this post. Elephants are one of the strongest, free spirited and most intelligent animals; yet when young, farmers tie the baby elephants with a strong rope to large trees for the purpose of control and docility over them. Still babies and fragile, they try to break away relentlessly until they give up from exhaustion, broken by hopelessness and helplessness.

When adults, the same elephants who on average, can weigh more than 6,530 kilograms and factually have the strength to snap any rope in just a small move, freeze at the sight of a rope (no matter how small). They can be tied to a small chair they have the capacity to destroy in pieces in just a second, but will make no attempt to break away. The trauma of their childhood experience and ingrained limiting belief(s) about themselves is so strong that they yield to a false belief that rob them of their greatness.

What limiting beliefs have been ingrained in you?

Who (or what) conned you into thinking that you 'couldn't' achieve your heart's desires?

Whether it's something that happened when you were young, a painful experience, or even a past failure, it does not have the authority to put limits on you and doesn't determine how far you can go.

My lovely, if you woke up this morning and no one has told you (not even yourself), let me be the first to tell you this. YOU-CAN. Now I need you to follow and tell yourself repeatedly, until you believe it to your core (and still carry on telling yourself!). It needs to be an unshakeable conviction.

Winning starts in the mind before we even take action; before any goal, before the business, before the career, before the relationship. You have to believe it first, you have to believe in you. And whether you believe you can or you can't, the related actions and manifestation of what you believe will follow. The victory must be internal before it becomes physical.

So before we delve deeper into any other points, I'd like to challenge you to deeply meditate on this first important point to develop a winning mindset. It starts with you and your mindset about you.

Personal Challenge: Contract with yourself to be 100% honest and authentic with yourself with no judgement or shame and answer the following:
What do I really think about me? What thoughts have limited me to fulfill my full potential and where do they come from?
What would my life look like if I believe that I can? 
Make a choice to believe in you and list all the things you believe you can do. Throw away the can't.
Don't be afraid to seek the help you need, you are absolutely worth it.

If you want some coaching to get you started on this, grab me for a POWER-UP! to get you empowered and achieve some clarity.

2. Be clear (and stand) on who you are.

Your identity is how you define yourself. It shapes who you are becoming and how you evolve into more of who you already are based on your character, your values, your essence, your expression, and what makes you uniquely you. That's your core.

Notice, point 1 of this post emphasized about believing in what you can do. Challenging you to believe in your abilities, your potential within, how far you can go. This point 2, identity, emphasizes on who you are. Your person.

A clear and strong awareness of your identity is the blueprint to a winning mindset. I have never seen anyone truly win and have no awareness of identity at the same time. I believe that identity is two folded; first, you have to know who you are and simultaneously, love and accept yourself - flaws and all. There, lies true confidence and the power of transparent authenticity. Self-love is real, and to love ourselves, we must know ourselves and accept all that we come with.

For the majority of people, this can be a tough one as we often determine who we are based on what has happened to us. It is however important to distinguish this; we are not our circumstances and we are not our past.

One can be born in the toughest of circumstances and build a life of greatness through consistent hard work, development of character and unwavering self-love & belief which is a principle I wrote about in my blog 3 timeless principles that lead to Greatness. Likewise, one can live a lifestyle of riches and luxury, yet walk in poverty of character and shackles of low self-esteem. Who would both these character say that they are? Who, through their identity is walking in greatness?

When it comes to you, who do you say that you are? Putting aside the amazing things you are able to do, who are you at your core? It is easy to blur lines between what we do with who we are which often can be complementary and closely interlinked, however they remain separate.

Being clear on this will ground you when the storms of life hit and circumstances beyond your control change. As no matter what happens outside, you will be kept in your self-identity to weather any storm and come out on top through the power of who you are.

I'd like to challenge you to meditate on who you are and who you want to become. The beauty about identity is that our core is static (doesn't change) but enables us to re-invent ourselves and continually evolve in our process of becoming more of who we are.

Personal challenge: Who are you? Answer this question by writing down how you define and describe yourself. What are the values you stand on? Who are you becoming, what does the you of tomorrow look like? How would you describe your character, as well as your strengths and flaws? 

3. Identify and commit to your purpose.

Purpose is the why of your life. It is the roadmap to your destination that shapes your vision, your direction, your goals, your decisions and determines your relationships.

I wrote about the principle of Vision and Execution in 3 Timeless Principles that lead to Greatness where I address one of the most important questions we have to ask ourselves before we even begin planning the execution stage of our goals:

What vision do I have for my life and what is my purpose?

The answer to this question provides focus and clarity of direction and can save us so much time! By identifying our vision and purpose for our lives, through having built a strong awareness of our identity and self-belief, helps us choose wisely and make intentional progress in our greatness journey.

Now, it could be that you don't have the answer to this question yet and that's okay. However by applying my first two tips (and personal challenges exercises) on believing that you can and being clear on who you are, you will get strong clues on what is important to you and what you ultimately want. Start with what you know and have in your hands, you can still apply this same question there; what is my vision for ____ and what purpose does it serve? Then ask yourself if it's in line with what you want, if yes plan accordingly. If no, plan accordingly to make the required changes to achieve the outcome you want.

It's okay to start small, this is a marathon not a sprint. This process takes time, be kind and compassionate with yourself in the process.

Personal challenge: Read the 3 timeless principle for greatness and meditate on point 2 of the blog to complement the learning of this post. Then answer the following; what vision do I have for my life and what is my purpose? or what is my vision for ____ and what purpose does it serve? Is this what I want?

That's it! My 3 tips for a winning mindset. These are not superficial quick fixes but deep mindset shifts that will serve you for the long run. I specialise in coaching my clients on this, so if you want to navigate through this, grab me for a coaching session. I'm here if you want to talk 😉.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what resonated with you the most and how you're applying it! I'm so keen to know how you get on 🤍

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To our greatness! x

Tips in this blog are suggestions only based on my experience. Please carry out your own research and seek professional advice if you need to. Remember, you've got this and you are great 🤍

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