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We're going to win, behind the four doors of our homes, despite the threats of uncertainty and whispers of anxiety. Success tips to win; indoors.

Where have you been lately? Yep, me too. Mi casa day and night, my apartment as my holiday destination!

Beyond our control; we've all been confined, and these are unprecedented times with heightened uncertainty, we will not deny the seriousness of the situation and the devastation it has caused. However, within our control, we can choose to re-frame our perspective and build resilience, finding strength in the face of hardship. What are the silver linings this season is presenting to you?

The way I see it, these past few weeks of confinement has given each and everyone of us a chance to reflect, evolve, appreciate and innovate. A time that has presented an opportunity to reveal who we truly are, what we stand for, where we stand and who we stand with. What has been revealed to you?

Whatever it is, I hope it pushes you higher and gives you the courage to accelerate your growth. See, you are called for greatness; to be the best most amazing version of you in every season. That's within your control and that's what we're focusing on today. We can't control the economy and a global crisis, but we can control our mindset and the choices we make to succeed - in or out of confinement.

In this part 1, we'll explore 3 success tips to win; indoors. Keep an eye out for part 2 for my remaining 3 tips on this topic (so 6 tips in total) to get you set. Ready? Let's slay!

1. Establish a nurturing morning routine

Soul, body and spirit, that's what we're made of. How we start our day impacts how the rest of our day goes. Let me prove it, have you ever woken up in a bad mood and remained irritable throughout the day? Felt unfocused and uncentered at work, easily moved by the outside world wondering why? Rewind to how you started your day, there - is likely your answer.

I used to be prone to anxiety. On the outside, I was very productive, quick to get things done and achieving goals but on the inside, I had no peace. It was paralyzing to be in a constant state of worry, overthinking and analyzing, I just couldn't relax! Then Ms Lauryn Hill said 🎵 'Girl you know you better to watch out' and asked me 'How you gonna win if you ain't right within... Uh uh, come again' (I know that's a tune!😂) So I came to myself; made a choice to change my habits and investigate what I needed to change to vibrate higher and achieve an unwavering state of calm and assurance, no matter the storms. This is where I discovered It was all in my morning routine!

How can we wake up to a new day, a new blessing to start again and be the best version of ourselves without taking the time to first and foremost honour the core of of who we are? Our soul, body and spirit. As soon as I made this change, my life changed and I never looked back. Here are the key elements in my morning routine for a winning day, and consequently a winning life:

Key elements; early rise, 5:30am works for me although I am now challenging myself to be up by 5am, 5 days a week. The productivity it brings is out of this world! I would highly recommend. I start by meditation and prayer (and immediately make my bed), savour a favourite healthy hot drink, move my body with yoga stretching and exercising (40 mins), write up my 3 daily goals to achieve and end with a warm shower and some beautification! All done by 7am to start the working day and slay. Doing this everyday alongside a healthy diet, regular hydration and regulated sleep has been a game changer, what is in your daily routine?

Personal Challenge: Reflect on your daily routine, does it currently bring the best out of you and your day? if so, great! If not, how could you improve it by introducing mindful elements for your body, mind and spirit? What resonates with you in the winning morning routine above that you could apply to your own? 
Keep it simple and start small to gradually build up a routine that works for you and your lifestyle.

2. Look as good as you can.

Now I know that beauty and grooming are a DIY operation right now 😂! (Oh, how I appreciate my hair dresser and beautician for all they have done for me!) But look, it is what it is and we have to make do with what we have. After a while, I have even found it quite therapeutic.

That said, confinement does not equal looking like we just got out of bed all day, non. I can't see how one can slay that way. It doesn't take much in these confined times, simply a good standard of personal hygiene and upkeep with presentable indoors attire. The amount of viral videos I have witnessed with this one tip not applied has brought undesirable results to a lot of people.

We are our own personal brands, and how we look after ourselves tells the world how we feel about ourselves. Here are the key benefits looking as good as you can will bring to you success in doors;

  • Self-care and higher vibration; You know that saying 'when you look good, you feel good?' I believe this to be true! After that nurturing morning routine, taking the time to beautify, groom and clothes ourselves well is an act of self care and love. Now although in this context, this is lighter touch and more casual at home, you will feel more confident and in a higher state to take on the world compared to looking and feeling sloppy.

  • Better business; we may not be in face to face contact with one another but we are certainly connected on various multi-media platforms more than ever! By looking as good as you can, you can be bold to conduct various clients meetings and be visible on video, building trust. How can you do that in sloppiness? What if an important unexpected call takes place that is best to be carried out on video? If you are not presentable, you could miss out on career opportunities post-confinement.

This tip is not limited to confinement and applies to all seasons. Personally, in this indoor season, I keep things simple with a natural and neat look by taking care of my skin, hair and body with a little bit of shimmer and perfume on top! My dressing is casual yet neat and professional. It helps keep the morale high and I feel on 100 😃!

Personal challenge: Shero, Hero, I'm asking this in love. How are you looking? Have you been upkeeping or slopping? No judgement here, as it hasn't been easy. Now, how can you apply this tip to look the best you can and serve your personal brand? You. 🤍

3. Invest in new learning and upskill.

You are your best investment. Now more than ever, your ability to adapt to a changing world and learn new skills both personally and professionally is key. In this elongated time in confinement, what learning opportunities can you seek out to level up your mind and your craft?

I wrote on the principle of Vision and Execution in my previous blog '3 timeless principles that lead to greatness', which highly applies here. You have abilities, talents and purpose that are in need to be seen. They require skill and strategic application! The needs of the world are rapidly changing, the old way of approaching things is fast becoming obsolete and innovation is our friend for sustainability.

See if It wasn't for innovation, I wouldn't have started this blog. I could have just stayed content in an amazing career I love and am blessed to have in leadership development, however I decided to add to it, push myself and do more by leveling up my mind and craft. I attended virtual trainings, joined accountability groups, continually reading new books, why? To learn, upskill and innovate. The result? She Coaches Greatness 🤍, bringing inspiration and empowerment to you to help you be the best you, my passion as a Writer and Coach!

What is your passion and how can you innovate your skillset to reach your goals?

Personal challenge: Make an audit of what you can and love to do. What does upskilling in these areas look like? What could it offer you and others?

That's it! Part 1 done. If you would like some support to navigate through this, grab me for a coaching session. Sometimes we just need to talk to someone, it can provide clarity to help work through our challenges and manage the hard times more effectively. You are worth investing in.

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Let me know how you get on! Share your story with us on Instagram and comment on the blog! We want to hear from more heroes and sheroes like you! You can also get regular She Coaches Greatness inspiration on Pinterest so you are empowered to keep going every step of the way.

To our greatness!

Nelly xx

Tips in this blog are suggestions only based on my experience. Please carry out your own research and seek professional advice if you need to. Remember, you've got this and you are great 🤍

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