Updated: May 3, 2020

Last week in How to Slay in the Face of Anxiety and Isolation Part 1, we declared that we WILL win behind the four doors of our homes, despite the threats of uncertainty and whispers of anxiety. And, we still stand by it.

Since then, the challenges of indoors isolation has intensified as the prolonged confinement continues to its sixth week; overwhelm, lingering isolation, loneliness (and even tragic loss) has knocked at many of our doors, and I can testify that the principles and tips shared in this blog have been my lifeline!

Oh how we're building resilience, a re-framed perspective and finding strength in the face of hardship indeed! Yes, no matter the outside circumstances,we're still here and this blog is to push you higher as a source of inspiration and empowerment to help you grow and succeed - in or out of confinement.

Part 1 was very practical and internal. In this part 2, we're exploring my remaining 3 success tips to win; indoors. Ready? Let's slay!

1. Nurture your chosen relationships daily

Relationships are everything and authentic healthy connections will keep you. I chose the word chosen because I believe relationships are intentional, and not everyone can be in relationship with you. Whether it's valued friendships, family, romantic partners or even business, they require constant work and an investment of time. For the purpose of this post, I am specifically referring to close personal relationships and will delve more into this.

I have found that (pre-confinement), we had become a disconnected generation (specifically millennials), where swiping left (or right), likes and followers on IG had become more important than building authentic, genuine real-life connections. I've sadly witnessed so many of us treat others (or be treated) like the grass was greener on the other side singing 'Thank you Next' by Arianna, secretly left to pick up the pieces. Whether this applies to you or not, we all have to evaluate and be careful how we treat people.

That aside, I'm a believer that what is meant for you, is for you (hence the video above) and the authentic, healthy relationships you are blessed to have are a gift to cherish now. Whatever has left your life needs to be left in the past, taking only the wisdom from it.

In this season of confinement and global crisis, our relationships are our pillars. Who is really for you and with you? Who is your support network, and in turn, who are you a support for?

I encourage you to go the extra mile to nurture your relationships daily in a way that speaks the love languages of your loved ones. Whether through video, regular calls, loving texts and/or quality time; connect with friends, family and make the grass of your relationships even greener. This will not only bring you comfort and joy, but will also be a source of strength and encouragement to the people in your life.

As we all adapt to a virtual way of doing things, what new relationships can you build? Here is also an opportunity to extend your social network by joining virtual communities based on your interests. Check out what you could get involved in and build new connections.

Personal Challenge: Reflect on your relationships; who are the key people in your life and how can you connect with them more closely everyday in this time?
Who can you reach out to that you'd like to build a relationship with?
Where are the opportunities around you to extend your social network and build new relationships?

2. Laugh hard.

You know that kind of laugher that makes you cry and gives you abs? Seek that, every opportunity you get.

There's enough drama in the world, we need to laugh! I do this daily, it works wonders.

Whether it's by yourself, through your favourite comedians shows or videos, your friends latest jokes and even sharing humour with colleagues, laughter really is medicine.

Yep. It's me laughing hard in the picture 😂

Personal challenge: What makes you laugh? Seek that (at least once a day). Smiling looks good on you 🤍

3. Decide to remain joyful one day at a time.

A good attitude always goes a long way. Now more than ever, adopting a mindset that focuses of gratefulness is an asset to yourself and the people around you. We are constantly bombarded with negativity, and the impact these times can have on our mental health is not to be underestimated. Adopting an attitude of joyfulness and gratefulness is a choice, and an empowering one that demonstrates personal leadership. Leadership starts with ourselves and our minds; an inspiring model of personal leadership is having the right mindset to move through the hardship with positivity and courage one day at a time. Just like when someone smiles at us, we smile too; a joyful and grateful attitude is contagious! Marry this with a solutions-focused outlook and purposeful action, you'll then have a strong foundation to thrive through life's toughest storms.

What are you grateful for?

Everyday, I make sure to do, be around and listen to things that bring me joy. Whether it's an inspiring podcast, dancing and singing along to my favourite songs in my living room or sitting in silence, I constantly remind myself of my blessings and work with what I have in my hands. What do you have that brings you joy?

Personal challenge: Make an audit of the things you are grateful for. What do you (or can do) on a daily basis to bring yourself joy? What do you have in your hands that works for you and help you keep positive?

That's it! Part 2 done. If you would like some support to navigate through this, grab me for a coaching session. I'm here if you want to talk 😉.

So Part 1 & Part 2 in a nutshell for you to keep slaying:

1. Establish a nurturing morning routine
2. Look as good as you can
3. Invest in new learning
4. Nurture your chosen relationships daily
5. Laugh hard
6. Remain joyful one day at a time

I hope you enjoyed this blog series, let me know what resonated with you the most and how you're applying it! I'm so keen to know how you get on 🤍

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Keep being your best, remain courageous and safe 🖤

To our greatness!

Nelly xx

Tips in this blog are suggestions only based on my experience. Please carry out your own research and seek professional advice if you need to. Remember, you've got this and you are great 🤍

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