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Founder and Confidence Coach at She Coaches Greatness

Parisian with a British flair, I help professional women (aka Sheroes!) to get unstuck and build unshakeable confidence to thrive in their work and personal lives.

"Confidence is the most important virtue you can possess. It starts with you and your mindset about you". This is my mantra, and the core of my greatness message.

Since 2018, I’ve been working as a certified Personal Development Coach, and have an extensive background in leadership development and project management at a global scale, with expertise in one-to-one coaching, group coaching, leading workshops and coaching leaders and individuals to be more confident and impactful.

Born and raised in Paris, I moved to the UK in my teenage years not speaking a word of English, rien! I learned the language on the ground whilst also overcoming the struggles of being a teenage mum. It was rough! But through resilience and an unwavering determination to succeed against the odds, I can humbly say I've come out the other side, building a life I am proud of.


My coaching comes from a place of authenticity, femininity and strength to overcome. Through my own journey of discovering and living my greatness, I have learned that being our best often comes with the territory of thriving through the pain, confusion, setbacks and personal struggles that may come our way. I am a strong believer that what is presented as an opportunity for defeat can be a stepping stone for triumph. I can testify, I have lived it!

As a Coach, my specialist areas are:

  • Confidence building

  • Tackling limiting beliefs (for positive personal transformation and deep growth mindset shifts)

  • Focus & Clarity

  • Identity

  • Purpose driven Goal Setting

  • Team confidence building & Group coaching

  • Planning & Strategy


I have a passion to inspire and empower women to be their best selves and have had the privilege of coaching amazing clients in their confidence journeys.

My style of coaching is empowering and progressive, helping you to find your own answers and move you forward during each session.

What is your story? I'd love to hear more about the Sheroe that you are! 

My approach is to provide a safe space for you to be who you are, face where you are and support you to be where you want to be. Check out my coaching packages to see how I can help you be a more confident you. When is the last time you truly invested in yourself to ensure your success? 

Start here! She Coaches Greatness can help you on your confidence journey, whether through my videos, blog posts or tailored coaching packages. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel! Also check out my latest confidence building series, it's pretty powerful! You can also connect with me on LinkedIn and Instagram @shecoachesgreatness. You won't be short of inspiration!

Contact me for queries on how I can help you on your journey, in the meantime, continue to thrive!

To your greatness,

Helen, Corbay

Nelly has been coaching me now for a few months. I find Nelly’s approach warm, professional, trustworthy, caring, positive, uplifting and insightful. If I’m feeling down or discouraged with no clear sense of direction by the end of the coaching session I am uplifted, enthusiastic, re-energised and focused. She reminds me of all my strengths, achievements and how far I have come. I feel a deep sense of pride a a new found zest for life and for reaching my goals. Nelly is a very uplifting-bubbly, empowering and a resourceful woman. She never fails to inspire and empower me so that I can move forward and continue to grow and prosper both personally and in my business. Highly recommended. 

Katia, Birmingham

Nelly has provided a safe space for me to be honest and open. She has provided support and guidance and did let me make the decisions myself. I feel like I was in control and you just guided me through helping to find my own answers, which has been very empowering.

For any queries about She Coaches Greatness services, email me at info@shecoachesgreatness.com 

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